Co-leading A New Initiative

Co-leading A New Initiative

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💎 Overview

  • Indonesian outbound travel to Japan is high and rising
  • The most common option for intercity transport in Japan is the costly nationwide JR Pass while the many affordable regional passes were not available for Indonesians
  • Foreign competitors offering complete selection of intercity transportation in Japan are entering the region
  • The Japan Trains feature was swiftly deployed as a response to the situation in an effort to maintain competitive advantage in the region

🎉 Outcome

  • Secured competitive advantage in the regional market due to the swift feature development

✌️ My Role

  • Co-led a small team of designers, copywriters, and illustrators to deliver the Japan Trains product
  • Designed and prototyped the initial user interface

⏳ Date

Q1 2019 - Q2 2019

🌟 Organizations

  • Traveloka

🙏 Collaborators

  • Japan Trains Head of Product
  • Transport Design Lead
  • A team of talented designers, copywriters, illustrators, managers, engineers, and marketers

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