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Traveloka is a technology company with 35 million active users in South-East Asia and a strong presence in the travel industry.
Traveloka was growing. Established travel offerings grew to offer a wider range of options while new products were developed to expand beyond travel.
The Booking Page is the phase where customers fill in required information before the payment phase. In the example of booking a flight, the Booking Page is where customers fill in passenger details for their ticket.

The Problem

The Booking Page can no longer cater to the many growing needs of the company and needs a scalable solution in enabling new features for users


The Situation

Every product has their own distinct Booking Page


Combining different products under one booking for the users' convenience was not feasible


Every new product requires a new Booking Page to be developed


Every new Booking Page was designed and developed differently despite sharing the same purpose


The Objective


Unlock the possibility of having multiple products in one booking


Increase scalability by reducing development time of new products through a reusable solution


Enable the convenience of multiple products booking for the users and set an equally high standard of experience across all products

My Role


Design PIC of the project


User Interface Designer


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