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Configurable design concept

Which can be used by product teams to match their needs

High-fidelity design

Used as reference for development by engineers

UI Kit for designers

Consisting of common reusable components that can be configured and extended for their use cases

Interactive prototypes

Used for both showcasing micro-interactions and usability testing

Design guidelines

To onboard designers, engineers, and product managers on adopting and configuring the Booking Page

Communication channels

For updates, feedback, and questions
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The new design was successfully adopted by 10+ product teams resulting in an increased revenue and faster development time without negative impact for users


The design was adopted successfully by 10+ product teams


Enabled an estimated ~30 % faster development time for new products


Contributed to an increase of ~20 % revenue in cross-selling sales


Despite the overhaul, there were no major negative impact for users

Actual app recording of the results as currently experienced by 35 million active users

Personal Takeaways


Build trust early and then even earlier

(trust over time helps for easing in big changes)

Over communication can be better than a lack of one

(because sometimes repetition legitimizes)

Taking the time to really comprehend how things work pays off

(I took the time to sit in many engineering discussions just to listen)

Being receptive can lead to unexpected sources of inspiration

(I had intentional breaks to rest and refresh my perspectives)

Building influence to navigate the social structure is design work

(it's essential for designing the thing right)

Don't miss the forest for the trees, but also don't overlook the trees for the forest

(and what I mean is knowing when to zoom in and out when dealing with complexity)

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