Standardizing Booking Page
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Main challenges



Millions of daily transactions are made through the Booking Page; a drop of conversion can lead to significant loss for the company.

Different product, different needs

Designing a page that caters the different use cases of existing (and future) products.

Going beyond travel contexts

A lineup of new lifestyle and utility products was being developed, while the old Booking Page design was heavily oriented towards the travel use case.

Balancing specific vs generic

The new Booking Page needs to be a balance of being specialized enough to be useful for different use cases while generic enough to be a scalable centralized platform.

Why should product teams adopt?

At the end of the day, established product teams have their own priorities while adopting a new Booking Page with a new set of standards requires effort.

Examples of different product contexts and needs

Flight As the most established product, Flight seeks to strengthen its offerings by adding more options such as Baggage, Seat Selection, and In-flight Meals.
Hotel In an effort to expand its dominance, the Hotel product team was prioritizing its entire efforts to spread its inventory coverage with less urgency to consider the new Booking Page.
Package With its goal of combining different products as one, Package requires a Booking Page that can gracefully merge different product requirements into one coherent page.
Train In contrast with Flight, Seat Selection for Train can only be accessed by the user after the Booking Page; a direct hard constraint from the vendor.
Xperience The many types of attractions and activities in the product catalog comes with different requirements for the Booking Page; from showing pick-up point maps to adding item-specific fields.
Gift Voucher As an addition to the growing new lineup of non-travel offering, the product requires adjustments to match its context — and also a way for users to customize their Gift Vouchers' look in the Booking Page.

... etc.



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